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Here For You.

Navigating a path to your loved one’s best possible care with personal health advocacy, fiduciary services, care consulting, and court appointed guardianships.

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When You Need Us.

We all need someone to advocate for us if and when we become disabled. In times of crisis, each of us needs a trusted advocate who can:

  • Make health care decisions
  • Protect and manage our assets
  • Fight for our rights to receive proper care that reflects our personal, individual values

For many of us, that someone could be a close family member. However, we may find that this family member is not the most suitable for this advocacy role. Perhaps they live too far away, or they don’t have the necessary time or expertise. Perhaps an independent advocate would best serve your unique situation.

And for those without natural, surrogate support systems to respond to a health crisis, an outside party must step in to represent your interests.

That’s where Scout Advocacy comes in.

We stand ready to serve as the independent, professional advocate for incapacitated adults in Indiana.

Broad Ripple and Fishers locations.