A champion for your loved one.

Professional guardianship services customized to each individual’s needs.

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Sometimes love looks like asking for help.

If your loved one needs advocacy beyond what you or a family member can offer, deciding who you can trust can be overwhelming.

At Scout Advocacy, we take the time to fully understand every nuance of your loved one’s preferences, then ensure they are honored as needs arise. 

Stepping up doesn’t always mean stepping in.

What do professional guardianship services include?

When you partner with Scout Advocacy, we serve as the guardian of the person and/or estate.


√    protecting your loved ones’ assets

√    making careful health care decisions on their behalf

√    defending their right to receive care that reflects their values

√    supporting their overall well-being

“Scout stands ready to meet you at the intersection of legal, financial, medical, and personal advocacy.

Whether you’re planning for yourself or seeking support for a loved one with a life-altering diagnosis, you can trust this multidisciplinary team to help you navigate every step of the way with skill and compassion.

I regularly recommend Scout’s exceptional services to clients, colleagues, and my own family.

And they exceed expectations every time.”

Anastasia Demos Mills
Attorney, Indianapolis

“I have tremendous respect for the Scout Advocacy operations team. Their personal and professional backgrounds uniquely equip them to comprehensively address client matters. When a firm client collaborates with a member of the Scout team, we know they will experience knowledgeable and compassionate service at every step, especially when addressing the more difficult decisions that often accompany the aging process.”

Mark W. Holwager, Elder Law Attorney
Holwager & Holwager, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

Advocacy in action:

Get a glimpse of what dignified advocacy looks like in the day-to-day.

Individuality matters to us.

Our services cater to each person’s specific needs.

Illustration of Guard Representing Guardian of Man at Scout Advocacy

Guardian of the Person

Making health care decisions for a loved one can be draining. After being named in legal documents, we can make decisions on your loved one’s behalf with compassion and professionalism.

Illustration of Guard and House Representing Guard of Estate at Scout Advocacy

Guardian of the Estate

With evolving circumstances, financial decisions can be overwhelming. Once legally named, we can lean on decades of experience to make sound financial decisions on your loved one’s behalf.

Illustration of Personal Assistant Representing Personal Representative at Scout Advocacy

Personal Representative

Managing an estate plan can be incredibly taxing for a busy family member. We can take a plan created by your loved one’s attorney and ensure assets are handled as defined.

We’re honored you’re here.

A little about us:

Selecting someone to be responsible for a loved one’s quality of life is a decision that is not made lightly, and being trusted with such a responsibility is something we take very seriously.

Our team is made up of two attorneys, two registered nurses, and a nurse practitioner, with a combined total of 70 years experience. After decades of witnessing unnecessary disappointment, heartache, and worry, we joined together to fill the gap we saw and make sure all people, regardless of their family dynamic, receive the lifelong advocacy they deserve.

“Circumstances recently forced me to petition the court to appoint a guardian for my brother who suffers from dementia. I had met Jane Malkoff in the early stages of diagnosing my brother’s dementia. When I could no longer provide quality care for him myself, I petitioned the court to appoint Scout Advocacy as his guardian. I was confident she and they would do a good job in caring for my brother. They have remained in contact with me and involve me in their decisions regarding my brother’s care. Tonna does an excellent job in overseeing him on a daily basis, and I highly recommend Scout to anyone needing a guardian for a loved one.”

Jack H.

Peace of mind is within reach.


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Schedule a consultation.

We know you face a big decision. During the free consultation, we’ll take all the time needed to get to know one another and discuss your questions and concerns.

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Get a recommendation of services.

We’ll help you think of everything your loved one needs, and then create a plan that utilizes the necessary services to honor wishes and ensure they receive the highest quality of care.

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Move forward with assurance.

Relax knowing there’s a plan in place to ensure your loved one’s well-being and a committed team ready to make it all happen. If you need additional support, we’re here for that as well.

Savor the people and moments that are precious to you; leave the worries to us.

You might still be wondering…

What if I don't agree with a decision regarding my loved one's care?
We want you to raise any concerns you have directly with us. We are confident we can work together to find a solution. If we are unable to find a solution, you will have to petition the guardianship court to remove us as guardian and find a replacement.
What do guardianship services cost?

You can view our current fee schedule here. We bill by the hour and the cost of our service greatly depends on your level of need. This can fluctuate day-to-day and depends on many factors including the amount of family support, your current needs, whether or not you are in a crisis, etc. During the intake process we discuss the cost of services, your financial picture, and whether or not we are a good fit.

What is your service area?

Our offices are located in Indianapolis and Fishers. Our service area depends on level of need. For example, if we are only managing an individual’s finances, that individual can be located anywhere in Indiana. If we are managing an individual’s health care, then we want to ensure we are close enough to be present when urgent needs arise. Generally, we serve individuals who live within two hours of Indianapolis.

What do you do for a typical client?

We begin with a thorough, comprehensive assessment by one of our experienced clinical team members.  Next, we create a comprehensive, fully customized plan for each individual.  The plan contains action steps regarding the various options and resources available, hands on coordination of resources and services, advocating for best practices to meet each individua’s unique needs, re-evaluating as needs change, communicating with trusted family and medical providers, and a financial approach that match the client’s long-term needs. 

Our approach is a collaborative team model designed to create the highest quality of life.  Here is a list of common types of things we do as a guardian:


  • Assess level and type of care and care plan needed
  • Create quality care plan and make sure it is functioning
  • Support and guide with issues around long-term care
  • Advocate for care and quality in the health care system
  • Coordinate key support entities – doctors, therapists, home care
  • Arrange for needed services such as legal and financial preparedness
  • Placement support into assisted living or skilled care
  • Monitor care in a facility
  • Medication management support
  • Transport to and attend medical appointments
  • Provide personal support and encouragement
  • Anticipate and prepare for future needs
  • Pay day-to-day bills
  • Manage assets including real estate, business assets, vehicles, etc.
  • Sell property when needed
  • Work with investment advisors, financial planners, and attorneys to create long-term financial plan
  • Receive and manage income sources

Don’t carry the weight of worry alone.

When circumstances make it overwhelming or impossible for you to keep up with a loved one’s fluctuating needs, we’re here to stand in the gap.

When you partner with us, you can let go of any stress or guilt, and rest assured that your loved one is in capable, compassionate hands. 

Are you a guardian but need a little guidance on what to to do?

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