Advocacy for your clients.

POA, guardianship, and health care representative & health care navigation services to honor your clients’ wishes.

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Choose to face the future with confidence

Often clients are focused on having their estate plan in place instead of focusing on who they name in those documents. A critical aspect of any estate plan is the individuals who serve as power of attorney that will handle a client’s affairs while they are still alive but unable to manage their own affairs.

When thoughtfully prepared, an estate plan — with the right advocate named — not only gives peace of mind about what will happen after death but also peace of mind about what will occur during the often complex times before end of life.

Now your clients can name a reputable professional advocate in their estate planning documents.

Scout Advocacy stands ready to assist you in helping your clients —

Plan for the future.

Individuals are living longer, which means it is likely they will lose capacity to manage their own affairs before they die. As you know, this is the critical period clients need to consider.

When named as your client’s advocate, we can protect and manage assets, make health care decisions, and defend an individual’s right to receive care according to their wishes. That means, we can serve as power of attorney, health care power of attorney, guardian of the person and estate, health care advocate, personal representative, and more.

Bridge the gap between uncertainty and assurance.

Here’s what our clients are saying about our services:

“I am pleased to refer clients to Scout Advocacy as I trust these professional advocates without reservation. Not only is this group responsive to the needs of my clients, it also offers my clients the compassionate and caring attention they so deserve. The three founders and directors of Scout Advocacy are persons of great integrity, all of whom have a high level of expertise in dealing with the aging population and persons with disabilities. We are lucky to have such a wonderful group in Central Indiana.”

Claire E. Lewis
Elder Law Attorney, Indianapolis

“Scout stands ready to meet you at the intersection of legal, financial, medical, and personal advocacy.

Whether you’re planning for yourself or seeking support for a loved one with a life-altering diagnosis, you can trust this multidisciplinary team to help you navigate every step of the way with skill and compassion.

I regularly recommend Scout’s exceptional services to clients, colleagues, and my own family.

And they exceed expectations every time.”

Anastasia Demos Mills
Attorney, Indianapolis

We appreciate you being here.

A little more about us:

Being trusted with someone’s quality of life is a responsibility we take very seriously. We’re honored to partner with you to ensure folks can face their future with confidence.

Our team is made up of two attorneys, two registered nurses, and a nurse practitioner. After decades of witnessing unnecessary heartache and worry, we joined together to fill the gap we saw and make sure all people, regardless of their family dynamic, receive the lifelong advocacy they deserve.

It’s important to note: We’re here to partner with you in caring for your clients, never to compete. Our role will always be distinctly related to advocacy.


H. Kennard Bennett, JD

Founder & Director of Fiduciary Services
Ken Bennett is the founder, executive director, and senior counsel to the Center for At-Risk Elders, Inc. Among other things, this public interest law firm operates the CARE Volunteer Advocates Program, providing guardianship services to low-income, unbefriended incapacitated adults. Ken is also a partner at the elder law firm of Bennett & McClammer and is a founding member of Scout Advocacy LLC.
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Ken is a recent chairman of the Central Indiana Senior Fund Advisory Board, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation. He is a past president of the Indiana Guardianship Association and a past president of the Alzheimer’s Association, Indiana Chapter. He has always served in leadership roles with the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, United Senior Action Foundation, and other groups focused on the well-being of incapacitated adults.

Ken graduated from Wabash College in 1979 and from the Indiana University McKinney School of law in 1982. He and his wife, Margaret, have two children, Cy and Grace, and live in Indianapolis.

Jane Malkoff, MSN, RN, NP

Founder & Director of Client Services
Jane is founder of Clarity Care Advocates LLC and Clarity Care Givers LLC and a partner with Ken Bennett and Sara McClammer in Scout Advocacy LLC. Jane has 30 years professional experience working with adults and their families through all stages of planning and the challenges of aging in all environments (primary care medicine, private homes, facilities, and hospitals).

She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1988 from Ball State University, her master’s degree in adult health in 1994 from Indiana University, and obtained her nurse practitioner license in 1994. passion to improve the lives of elders has driven Jane’s life and her work.

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Jane is on the board of the Central Indiana Senior Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation and is a community educator in dementia and Parkinson’s disease care.

Jane and her husband, Jeff, have two children, Joel and Victor, and live in Noblesville.

Sara McClammer, JD, NCG

Founder & Director of Client Services
Sara McClammer is a partner at the elder law firm of Bennett & McClammer and is a founding member of Scout Advocacy LLC. Sara is a nationally certified guardian. She is active in the Indianapolis and Indiana State Bar Asssociations. She is also a trained Volunteer Advocate with the Center for At-Risk Elders, Inc.

Sara graduated from the University of North Dakota in 2008 and the Indiana University McKinney School of Law in 2011. She and her husband, Kyle, live in Indianapolis with their two boys, Maxwell and George.

Here’s how we help.

As a member of your client’s team, we can support them in a variety of ways:

Power of Attorney & Health Care Representative

If your client doesn’t have someone they can secure in their personal life, they can name us as their POA or health care representative to step in when the need arises.

Professional Guardianship Services

Individuals needing to secure professional guardianship for a loved one’s personal or financial needs can call on us to manage or assist with decisions and plans.

Health Care

We can offer your client or their loved one professional help navigating health care as well as practical, day-to-day needs. This service is managed by registered nurses.

As much as you care for your clients, you can’t do it all — we’re honored to help.

If you’d like more information on how we can help meet your client’s unique needs, let’s chat.
“I have tremendous respect for the Scout Advocacy operations team. Their personal and professional backgrounds uniquely equip them to comprehensively address client matters. When a firm client collaborates with a member of the Scout team, we know they will experience knowledgeable and compassionate service at every step, especially when addressing the more difficult decisions that often accompany the aging process.”

Mark W. Holwager, Elder Law Attorney
Holwager & Holwager, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

Peace of mind is priceless.

The steps to securing it start here:
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Reach out.

Whether you have a specific client in mind or simply want more information about the services we offer, we’d love to connect. We’ll discuss any questions or concerns, and Jane will help with specific client inquiries.

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Make a referral.

When you have a client who needs someone trustworthy to count on for their future, introduce them to our services. We’ll discuss a plan for honoring their wishes and ensuring their quality of life.

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Make the future brighter.

When we pair your distinct services with ours, elderly clients get the support they need and the dignity they deserve. Together, we can offer all clients a secure and desirable future.

Let’s chat about what’s possible.

You might still be wondering…

What exactly do you do?

We have several different categories of services. Clients can list us in legal documents as their power of attorney and/or health representative. This might mean we make sure long-term trust funds or estate plans (that their personal attorney created) are handled according to their wishes. Or, it might mean we offer fiduciary support, including protecting assets, making health care decisions on their behalf, defending their right to receive care that reflects their values, and beyond.

Our professional guardianship services are similar, but are sought out by those who need our help with a loved one.

Health advocacy and consulting services may be sought out by the individual or those looking for help for a loved one. These services are managed by registered nurses and can include: weekly check-ins, monitoring of well-being, doctor appointment accompaniment, medication pick-up and sorting, decoding of medical records, referrals of quality services, etc.

Why have I never heard of these services before?

Interestingly, there isn’t anyone else offering this type of service! We simply witnessed too many elderly folks who, without able family members to care for them, faced lonely futures and had their dignity and desires completely overlooked. We’re seeking to fill that void directly through advocacy, an approach that’s not being done anywhere else.

How will a referral to Scout Advocacy affect my relationship with my client?
Partnering with us won’t change your relationship with your client at all. (Other than the possibility of them loving you all the more for giving them the referral!) We are not here to take over or take away from your work, in any way. We offer distinct advocacy services that will come alongside the services you continue to offer your clients. We seek only to partner, never to compete.
Why should my client trust you?

We get it. Trusting someone else with the most important and personal parts of life is incredibly hard. Establishing a good connection with the client is vital. We want to meet and get to know them, and we want them to understand our purpose, our experience, and, most of all, our heart. We’re also happy to connect them with other clients of ours so they can get firsthand reviews of our service.

Spare your client from a distressing future.

By connecting clients to a dedicated advocate who will ensure their plans and wishes are upheld, you are sparing them from devastating disappointments that may come from aging alone or under the care of someone who isn’t invested in their well-being.

With your expertise and our advocacy on their side, we can set clients up for the best-case scenario — a peaceful retirement and quality elderly care.

Request materials to display in your office.

A partnership with us means you can confidently offer hope to those worrying about the future. Hand them a brochure for a trusted solution, and watch the relief begin to settle in.

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