When facing a serious health issue, it is not unusual to suddenly realize how important having a plan in place can be.  Life can go from great to very scary in an instant.  Having some control over the future can be calming and reassuring.  Who will advocate for me?  Who will pay my bills?  Who will find a home for my pet?  How will I get to medical appointments?  Who will take care of my assets in an honest, professional manner?  How will I get good care when I cannot care for myself?  How can I never be a burden to my loved ones?

We can bury our heads or act.

Faced with a debilitating chronic illness, Ms. L decided to create her estate plan with a reputable elder law attorney.  It was a great feeling she expressed to have her wishes in place and to experience such a sense of relief.  Come what may, she knew she had her wishes spelled out.

As her disease progressed, she realized there were many unexpected care and financial needs popping up and many decisions to be made.  There were Medicare, supplemental insurance, and long-term care insurance issues to understand and manage.   There were rehabilitation and home care services to choose from and manage.  There were instances when an advocate would have benefitted her when she could not adequately speak for herself.  With family members either out of town or busy with their own families, she decided to reach out to her trusted attorney for further advice.

Her attorney advised her to contact the leading professional health care consultants.  This was our first introduction to Mrs. L, and we were soon assisting her to meet the plan she had for herself at that time.  This avenue of support relieved her family of attending each medical appointment, monitoring the quality of the home care, and assisting with medications and health insurances.  She spoke of how having our support improved her relationship with her closest family members.

Over time our relationship with Ms. L thrived.  This ongoing support allowed her to have full confidence in us as she experienced many layers of our expert advocacy and navigation inside the health care system.  The work often associated with an engaged health care or financial power of attorney was handled by us which worked very well for Ms. L and for her family.

Ms. L faced progressive care needs due to her chronic illness and yet she stayed focused on having her goals met.  She also became even more certain she wanted her family relieved of the heavy responsibility her condition unfortunately mandated.  She wanted the lives of her family members to remain stable so everyone could enjoy each other’s company instead of all available time together being spent solving her health care dilemmas.  It was time to name us as power of attorney for health care and financial services should she become incapacitated.  She returned to her trusted attorney who guided her to officially name us in her legal documents.

It is hard to believe it has been 16 years since we began our journey with Ms. L.  Providing the requested and necessary services to her over many years has allowed us the privilege of knowing her well and being her trusted partner.  As you can imagine, she is much more than a client to us.  We are in this journey to serve her needs.