Teamwork: A Client Story

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Blog, Care, Fiduciary

Mr. W lived in the community with his beloved wife until she died due to COVID complications. Following her death, Mr. W lost the ability to care for his personal needs, his home, and his finances. Unfortunately, his neighbors had to call 911 and Mr. W was admitted to a hospital, and later, a long-term care facility.

The hospital team evaluated and treated Mr. W.  When they attempted to connect to his named power of attorney there was little to no response. To have certainty, Mr. W needed a dependable decision-maker that could step in to assist with his complex needs.  Mr. W’s medical condition stabilized while in the hospital, though not to the point of independence with self-care, finances, or the care and repair of his home.  The attending physician stated Mr. W was not able to make health care and financial decisions himself.

The social worker, in consultation with the medical team and  Mr. W himself, reached out to Scout Advocacy to determine if we might be able to help.  After a careful review of the data and conversations with Mr. W’s care team, Scout Advocacy determined to petition to become Mr. W’s guardian.  A hearing was set and the judge named Scout Advocacy as Mr. W’s guardian.

Scout Advocacy immediately went to work to establish the best plan with the highest quality of life for Mr. W. Internally, Scout’s team of nurses assessed Mr. W’s needs after communicating with his medical team and conducting regular well-being visits. The nurses then relayed these needs to our financial team which reviewed Mr. W’s overall financial picture to determine what type of care he could afford. The financial team also review all of Mr. W’s benefits and took the necessary steps to increase benefits to better meet his needs. Scout Advocacy’s primary goal is always to maximize a client’s quality of life and our team works hard to make this happen for every single client. To that end, our nursing team took immediate steps to find a long-term housing solution that met Mr. W’s needs and desires while also providing him the appropriate level of care and supervision.

Mr. W’s story demonstrates how Scout Advocacy utilizes a team approach in two ways. First, we have an interdisciplinary team of attorneys, nurses, accountants, and paralegals (all employees of Scout!) to meet each client’s unique needs. Second, we team up with a client’s care team including social workers, doctors, and other medical professionals to create the best possible plan for each client. Our teams’ goal is to provide the highest quality of life for each client.

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