Introduction to Scout Advocacy LLC

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Blog

We are excited to introduce Scout Advocacy LLC! Scout Advocacy is the professional marriage of two companies: Clarity Care Advocates, LLC and Scout Guardianship Services, Inc.  Scout Advocacy is owned and operated by Jane Malkoff, H. Kennard Bennett, and Sara McClammer.

Background of Scout Advocacy

Clarity Care Advocates was founded by Jane Malkoff, NP to provide high-quality health care advocacy. Jane has 30 years of professional experience working with adults and their families in all stages of planning. Jane also owns and operates Clarity Care Givers LLC, a caregiving company that serves Central Indiana (

Scout Guardianship Services was created by Ken Bennett & Sara McClammer in 2015 to provide professional guardianship, trustee, power of attorney, and health care representative services. Ken and Sara are both lawyers and were increasingly being asked to serve as a third-party guardian in cases where family members could not agree on who should serve or in cases where a person under guardianship did not have any family. Scout Guardianship was created to meet these needs.

Ken and Sara also own and operate their private law firm, Bennett & McClammer LLP (

Jane, Ken and Sara felt that they could provide the best possible service for their clients by joining forces, and so, in June of 2020 Scout Advocacy was officially launched!

Our Philosophy

Scout Advocacy uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide high-quality fiduciary and consulting services to its clients. We combined the expertise of nurses, accountants, and lawyers to provide a wholistic approach to serve our clients.

The company has four fundamental principles of effective advocacy:

Stability in health care representation. We believe that high quality health care advocacy is achieved when you develop a relationship with one of our Lead Advocates. He or she gets to know you, learns your preferences, and can advocate for you or assist your family in doing so.

Access to information. We want to be appropriately transparent in everything that we do. We aren’t hiding anything from you or your family.

Fiduciary expertise. We train our employees, and have internal systems in place, to ensure that our clients’ assets are properly and professionally managed. Our Fiduciary Officers are overseen by our attorneys, Ken and Sara.

Expert care management. Our team of nurses is led by Jane Malkoff, NP, who has decades of experience as a care manager. She has trained her team to provide the highest quality care management.

Our Services

We use our team approach to provide the following services:

Professional guardianship services: Scout Advocacy serves as guardian of the person and/or estate. Our team of nurses provides high-quality care management while our team of fiduciary officers manage both day-to-day bill-pay as well as long-term, big-picture asset management.

Professional trustee services. Our fiduciary team can serve as trustee to professionally manage trust assets on behalf of beneficiaries.

Power of attorney and health care representative services. Individuals may feel lost if they wish to get their estate planning documents in place, but don’t have a trusted friend or family member who can serve as their power of attorney or health care representative. Scout Advocacy often serves in these roles.

Health care consulting. Do you have a family member who needs care in their home or in a facility? Do you need assistance navigating the health care system, advocating for your loved one, and ensuring they have the best possible care? We can help!

Personal representative. Ken and Sara can serve as personal representative of probate estates. We use our team approach to manage assets, find heirs, and distribute assets efficiently.

Intake Process

Our intake process starts with an email ( or a phone call (317-202-1909). You will be put in touch with one of our team leaders who can assess your needs and determine if we are a good fit for you. We respond to all inquiries within one business day. We look forward to working with you!