Care Consultants/Advocates: 5 Criteria

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Blog, Care

Services provided by a Professional Care Consultant/Advocate are not found within the health care system.   Many people seek consulting and advocate services because navigating best options for a loved one is overwhelming.

Examples include, deciding next steps for a loved one with worsening dementia and/or increasing physical decline, understanding the available options for aging in place, managing the financial burden of caring for a loved one, being informed about the highest quality services including facilities, confronting poor care conditions, and more.

The steps to take are often illusive and overwhelming while requiring enormous amounts of time and energy.

Here are Tips on How to Select a Care Consultant/Advocate: “The 5 Ws”

Word of Mouth – select based on feedback from others in the community who have had success with the services for their loved one

Word of Professionals – select by referral from trusted professionals in the community who have knowledge of repeated success

Work History – interview the potential consultant/advocate to determine if; they have at least 5 years of direct experience; have a degree in a related field; work closely with other reputable elder experts; have knowledge of medical needs; are expert in community resources; and perhaps hold leadership positions

Work Ethic – interview the potential consultant/advocate to determine; what brought them to care consulting; what hours they are available; who their team consist of; and the response of their references (obtain at least 3 excellent references)

Wholistic Approach – Using the information from steps 1-4, determine if the potential consultant/advocate demonstrates expertise and interpersonal skills necessary for effectiveness.  Could they work in a team approach in difficult circumstances?  Is there evidence they have supported others in similar situations?  Are their skills broad from comprehensive clinical assessments to a wide knowledge of available options?