Client Story: Mr. C

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Blog, Care, Fiduciary

Many individuals name their family members as their agent under a power of attorney simply as the default option. However, the agent almost always has a life of their own and serving as a power of attorney can be overwhelming and difficult. Read how one daughter and her father decided to name Scout Advocacy instead.

For this daughter it was especially difficult being a power of attorney for her parent.  Regardless of attempting to follow her loved one’s wishes, it became strenuous paying the bills and following medical recommendations.  She realized she was not able to meet the demands and expectations in the manner she wanted.  Working full time made it more difficult especially when her parent suddenly faced additional health and care challenges.  The daughter and father worked together and made the decision to name Scout as power of attorney.  The daughter remained involved and worked closely with Scout.  With the much needed relief to resume her daily work and personal life obligations, she felt more like a daughter again with time to truly visit and support her father.

Did you set up your legal documents with the hope to have a knowledgeable representative, in place in the event you could not represent yourself?  Executing a power of attorney is a relatively easy process but serving as power of attorney is often not easy at all. This is especially true during a medical crisis or facility care.  The time commitment combined with a lack of knowledge in the areas of financial planning and health care navigation can be unexpected and overwhelming.

At Scout Advocacy LLC we see the struggle and we know it is real.  We are here to support, consult, and navigate anyone named as a power of attorney who is facing an overwhelming situation.  We are also here to be named as power of attorney to serve with the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate the many variables for the best possible outcomes.

For this daughter, Scout was able to focus on the role as power of attorney. We scheduled and attended medical appointments, selected and monitored the best possible rehabilitation locations, and later the best assisted living option.  We paid bills, monitored for appropriate spending, kept alert to health and well-being, and helped to establish an end of life plan.

Over the course of time, we were able to recognize cognitive changes early and obtain the proper medical evaluations and treatments.  It is not uncommon for a power of attorney to be unsure about what to do when the person they represent does not agree with what seems like the best option.  This is especially true when there are cognitive changes to address.  Our experience and expertise allowed us to work with and on behalf of the parent, advocate for diagnosis and treatment, support friends and family through the rough patches, and build a remarkable plan of care.

Scout Advocacy LLC understands the reality facing a power of attorney in today’s world.  Naming a power of attorney with the hope to have a knowledgeable loved one in place when you need them is a truly great endeavor.  Naming a power of attorney who is a knowledgeable expert may be even better.  Either way, we are here for you.