Five Tips for Finding a Professional Health Care Advocate

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Blog, Care

Navigating best options in the health care arena can be overwhelming.  Deciding next steps for self or a loved one can also be isolating and confusing.

A worsening dementia, an increasing physical decline, the navigation of the plethora of available options, the managing of the financial burden of caring for a loved one, obtaining reliable information regarding best services as well as confronting poor care conditions represent just some of the reasons navigation support may be necessary.

Customized support is not found inside the traditional health care system.  However, private Professional Health Care Advocates are becoming more common and may be the perfect solution for support and guidance.  Scout Advocacy LLC knows about this because we bring 20 years of successful Professional Health Care Advocacy to our work.

Here are 5-Tips to Finding A Professional Care Advocate:

  1. Word of Mouth – Feedback from community members who have had success with the services of the advocate.
  1. Word of Professionals – Feedback from trusted professionals in the community who have knowledge of repeated success by the advocate.
  1. Work History – The advocate has minimum of five years of direct advocate experience, a degree in a related field, reputable experts to consult with, knowledge of medical needs, competent community resources and leadership positions.
  1. Work Ethic – The advocate has solid work history with infrequent job changes, 24-hour availability, a reputable team for back-up in their absence and no less than three excellent references.
  1. Wholistic Approach –  Review of tips 1-4 indicates the advocate demonstrates expertise and interpersonal skills necessary for effectiveness, they work well in difficult circumstances, they have supported similar situations, their skills are broad ranging from comprehensive clinical assessments to broad knowledge of available options.  It is also recommended to obtain three personal recommendations from the advocate.