Naming Scout as Health Care Representative: A Client Story

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Blog, Caregivers Perspective, Decisions, Fiduciary

Planning ahead for a health care crisis is an essential step toward being certain you will have someone looking out for your best interests if/when you are temporarily or permanently unable to do so yourself. This plan usually includes a health care representative form naming your trusted family member or friend to take action when needed. Yet, the selection of that special someone can be an especially weighty decision.

Recently, Scout Advocacy was asked to become the health care representative for Ms. K. This individual had been diagnosed with a disease that would eventually impact her memory to the extent independent decision-making would become seriously compromised.  It was an interesting request because Ms. K had already named two friends as her health care representatives.  It seemed the best possible decision had been made.

Why did Ms. K come to see us at Scout Advocacy if she had already named close friends in her estate planning documents?  Well, as time went on, it became clear not only to Ms. K, but to trusted friends, that the amount of time and specialized knowledge needed was going to require more than originally imagined.  Ms. K and her friends discovered that Ms. K was going to need significant assistance advocating for her health care needs and they wanted it to be done correctly.

After hearing about Scout Advocacy, a free initial meeting was set up to answer questions about available services and how our expertise as health care representative and financial power of attorney could meet the need for a more comprehensive, customized plan.  This new client found Scout Advocacy was the right solution for her and decided to have us named in her new estate plan. Ms. K told us,  “I am so happy to know this option exists.  I want to do this!  It puts my mind at ease, and I feel safe knowing Scout will be involved.”  Ms. K worked with her attorney to create a new estate plan that will better meet her needs in the future.

Our years of professional experience with all layers of health care responsibilities combined with our trained health care advocates and our reputation of integrity gave Ms. K the confidence and security needed to customize her estate plan.  Scout Advocacy will be there for her and will support all needs if/when the time comes.

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